When Nene Leakes announced that she wouldn’t be filming at all for The Real Housewives Atlanta  Season 9 we weren’t really all that surprised. But when she spilled the tea about Kim Zolciak planning to make a comeback to RHOA, she left all of us feeling some type of way.

It’s Justin Diego with Real Housewives of Atlanta tea and this is 7 Reasons Why Kim Zolciak Should Not Come Back To The Real Housewives of Atlanta!


Spin-Off Success

While there are dozens of reason why we Kim should stay away, we’ll start with the most obvious. Kim Zociak has been the star of her very own Spinoff series, ‘Don’t Be Tardy” ever since she left the show abruptly in 2012. Just last year, Bravo announced that “Don’t Be Tardy…” earned 1.7 million total viewers, which made it the highest-rated season premiere in the history of the series among all key demos.

Who would give up a Drama-free show that is fairly successful for one that could potentially break up your happy home?

Too Much To Lose With Real Housewives of Atlanta

With that said, Kim Zolciak has it made. She gets to chase raccoons out of her garage and film a show about her daughter’s experience dating and graduating high school and collect a huge check. While the checks for a short form 30 minute series, probably do not compare to the ones she gets from the hour-long hit series The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she certainly is winning. Just think about it, last season alone there was another physical altercation, the frenemies showdown of the century and the ladies shot below the waist when they raised concerns bout Chris’s Sexuality that was essentially an attack on Kim Fields and Her Marriage.

Is Kim Zolciak The Same Girl?

It’s no secret that one of the reason why the Kandi Burruss and the girls had reached their boing point with Kim Zolciak is that she just changed too much. Instead of being down for whatever and loving to be in the center of the drama, Kim turned into a logical, laid back, super mom that was truly above all the drama. The worst part was that she made excuses to never hang with the girls and missed all of the epic girls trips.

It Just Doesn’t Make Sense for Real Housewives of Atlanta

While some of us may feel like her exit from the show in season 5 was staged, it is more than obvious that Kim Zolciak was really OVER IT! By then she had ditched more than just her synthetic wigs and she had her eyes set on being an all-american football wife. Although Kroy’s football career has reached a screeching halt, is that really enough for them to come back on “The Housewives?”

It Didn’t Workout So Well For Nene Leakes & Her RHOA Return?

Now, while Nene Leakes is undoubtedly the queen of the housewives, she attempted to do something that had never been done before in Atlanta. She planned an epic comeback that wasn’t really epic at all. Instead of stirring the pot and being the center of huge drama, Nene Leakes had cleaned up her act and looked to fix her broken relationships with ladies like Kandi Burruss, Sheree Whitfield, and even Kenya Moore. To the fans her newfound “friend of the show” styled comeback proved to be rather lackluster and didn’t make a significant difference in the ratings; That was Bravo’s main goal.

Kim Without Nene?

Speaking of Nene Leakes, she has made it very clear that she is NOT interested in being apart of Season 9. I’ll be first to say, after seasons with misfits like Demetria McKinney & Claudia Jordan joining the show, fans could use some moments that take us “Back to the good old days.” I’m not too sure if Kim alone would give us exactly what we need.

She Is Not The Viewers Choice for RHOA

It may sound like were being extremely hard on Kim, But when rumors started about Kim Zolciak making a comeback, we were originally very excited. But it didn’t take long before we started thinking about what it would actually look like. We took to social to see how the viewers felt and while some were rather excited, ultimately they agreed that RHOA will be just fine without this blast from the past.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be premiering later this November, you’ll have to tune in with us to see which rumors hold true and which of our favorite ladies are ready to bring the drama. If you enjoyed this video, please Like, comment, and share it with a friend. If you’re watching us on our YouTube channel, don’t forget to subscribe now so you never miss a thing!