Apparently choosing the perfect new housewife includes a lot of trial and error. With Nene Leakes and her inconsistent role on the show, and a couple of bad peaches from the last few seasons, word on the street is Bravo is completely fed up and are looking to finally get things right with Season 9. 

Who is Lena?

Lena Chenier

While Lena hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight, According to Straight From The A who broke the casting news, Lena is engaged her fiancé R.L. Huggar from the ’90s boy band Next. While we don’t know much about her relationship we do know they seem to be madly in love and RHOA fans may just have some new eye-candy to enjoy while watching the new season.

Absolutely Likable

Even with her signature Resting Bitch Face, this curvy small town girl is everything you’d want in a housewife. She seems to stay away from the drama and has a high end clothing line, a casual clothing line, and an elegant jewelry line that have all been a success. Now, speaking of elegant, with her birthday being so close to the holidays and in true southern belle  fashion, Lena seems to have a tradition of having a fabulous photoshoot for her annual holiday cards that may even give our own southern belle Phaedra Parks, a run for her money.

Atlanta Socialite

So, Lena seems to be well connected and real life friends with Kandi Burruss who she also filmed with for Porsha’s Bday Party and again at Phaedra’s Pop Up. While the girls seem to have all been getting along just fine, no one gets a peach without raising a little controversy.


R.L. Huggar Real Housewives of Atlanta

Without throwing hands or gay-bashing a husband there is an underlying story, that makes Lena’s addition to the show so very  juicy. According to BScott who tipped us off last year, Lena’s hubby-to-be may actually still have a beef with Cynthia Bailey’s over-the-top husband Peter Thomas According to the report, Peter was slapped with a lawsuit after their deal with Bar One went bad. This rumor especially makes sense after Peter’s success in Charlotte reportedly has him considering re-opening Bar One in Atlanta.

Housewife of Phony?

After spilling that tea, we’ve only got one more real question to answer: Is she actually a Housewife? Well, Yes & No. While she hasn’t officially tied the knot, the couple is reportedly so in love and have been engaged for quite some time. If everything goes as planned, we may actually get to see Lena and RL get married on the show. Who doesn’t love a good Bravo wedding right?

It looks like the new season may be pretty amazing after all. So far we are absolutely in love with the new Housewife hopeful.  And, if the rumors hold true, we may be looking at Bravo’s next breakout star as we get back to the basics that started it all: True love & fabulosity! 

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