Hide your wives, hide your kids, and definitely hide Phaedra Parks.

An estranged man busted thru the doors of a popular Atlanta office building claiming to have a bomb strapped to his leg. Sources at the scene reported hearing him say “I’m not leaving, I’ve got a bomb.”




Now, authorities have arrested the man and taken him into custody; it us unclear if he really had a gun but photos and videos from onlookers reveal that law enforcement have still taking this bogus claim very seriously.

I wonder what in the world could have caused this man to cut the fool like this. We know Phaedra Parks is an entertainment attorney but… nvm… No need for the shade.

I really just hope Phaedra and the boys are ok and that we figure out really soon what in the hell is going on. Let’s just hope Kandi Burruss doesn’t get blamed for this one.