Kandi Burrus talks Live with fans About The OLG restaurant that’s coming soon to Atlanta. All you’ve got to do is follow her on Periscope so you don’t miss our next interview.


It’s hard to deny that Kandi Burruss has one of the most interesting families on Bravo. Thats why when we heard the news of Aunt Bertha, Aunt Nora, and Mama Joyce teaming up with Kandi Burruss to create a restaurant we knew this was a recipe for success.




Here’s what we know now:

  • Kandi & Todd has convinced the gang to hop on board and make the restaurant a new family business. (This, of course, took some extra convincing for Aunt Bertha.)
  • They are in the final selection process of choosing a Chef.
  • They have purchased the building and the land.
  • The Menu will feature some of the best dishes in the south. Many of the recipes will be their actual family recipes!
  • They are trying to have the restaurant up and running this year!





To sign up to get updates on the status of the restaurant visit their website: CLICK HERE


If not…. were not judging you….that much.