It’s been a few weeks since Nene Leakes launched her new emoji app, and now she’s released a fun new content-sharing platform called The Fab Gab.

Just a week after Porsha-Williams teased her new website, Nene just dropped her new site on us just as fast as Beyonce dropped her self-titled album a couple years ago. No one was expecting this at all but it looks like fans are grasping on quickly.

About The Fab Gab

In a open letter, Nene Leakes welcomed fans to the new platform and called readers to consider becoming writers for the site. Read her official statement here:


Hey Hunnies! I’m so unbelievably excited to welcome you all to The Fab Gab. And yes, this site is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a destination for us to come together and gab about pretty much everything. You know me, I’m an open book and nothing is off limits, and The Fab Gab will of course be a reflection of that. We’ll talk beauty (plastic surgery, to have or not to have…), relationships (is your man cheating?), celebs (she wore what?!), fashion (you’ll soon master the art of bargain shopping), interior design (just bought a new home and I’m now obsessed with decorating), anti-aging (because we all want to look eternally 30!), and female empowerment.

I’ve joined forces with a team of talented writers to bring my vision to life, and I hope you enjoy reading everything as much as I do…

With love,
Nene Leakes
Editor-in-Chief, The Fab Gab[/ecko_contrast]

What’s The Deal?

As I covered before, celebrities are outgrowing Instagram and other social media outlets fast. There are so many ways for them to extend their brand and build relationships with advertisers outside of what they do on TV.

I love the Real Housewives of Atlanta and I am excited that the ladies seem to all be interested in growing with us. However, I wonder how this will work out for Nene. We all LOVE her even tho she seems to have gotten so full of herself recently, but do we see her as a real influencer?

An influencer is someone who makes consumers want to do whatever they persuade their fans to do. For example, when Kim Kardashian came out with her games and her emoji apps millions of people jumped on board because Kim has earned an influence.

Nene promises to be transparent and hands on, but I wonder if she will have time to really get her hands dirty with this project. Fans are smart enough to know when celebrities are really passionate about a project and when they just want our money.


I will be following this story and I’ll keep you all in the loop with what becomes of this new platform. Go check out now and tell me what you think!