Nene Leakes gets violent with Kim Zolciak while filming RHOA and apparently Bravo will air the footage a on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Reunion.

In order to understand what is going on, you’ll have to get this tea in 3 parts. This is part two, Read Part One HERE. 

Nene Leakes Shade

What is This Violence You Speak Of?

The first look trailer for this year’s reunion definitely caught our attention. From Nene Leakes rocking a see thru nude jumpsuit to Kandi Burruss sitting in the worst seat in the house, there were plenty or reason to to gag! It wasn’t until the music changed and Nene started to Reprimand Porsha in a way that seemed to piss our Princess of THOTlandia all the way off! What Porsha said next, might blow your mind!


Who’s Neck Did NeNe Choke? ?

If you’re anything like me, you are sitting on the edge of your seat ready to overdose on tea! Apparently Nene’s past isn’t so squeaky clean after all.  We all know that Nene and Kim didn’t exactly have the best relationship at times. We saw the ups and downs of their friendship which was so messy that it made reality TV gold. But there’s some things we didn’t get to see. Things that could change the way you see some of your favorite RHOA cast members forever.

Back in 2009, while filming a season of RHOA, things got physical between Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak. While this news isn’t exactly NEW for some Real Housewives fans, there is a new development that could fill in some missing pieces. For some reason Bravo never aired the footage that could have cleared up a story that Kim and Nene told very differently back in 2009.

Kim Zolciak

Nene claimed self defense, but Kim is the one that called 911! (Chile yall got big mouths but stay calling the law) Watch The Receipts Below!


Porsha Williams just released a major bombshell at the RHOA season 8 reunion tapping. Apparantly NENE LEAKES isn't the best one to reprimand anyone about violence. Are you excited about the reunion?**PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO!!** #RHOA #NeneLeakes #RealHousewives #KimZolciak #New

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Did Porsha Have Another Fight?

Last December we reported that Porsha Rocky Williams slugged it out with yet another challenger, during the finale taping.    

We contacted a trusted source, who confirmed that a crazy altercation DID go down between Porsha Williams and her ‘Go Naked’ marketing manager, Jami Ziegler, on Wednesday night (Dec 2). Pictured below are Porsha Williams and Jami Ziegler hard at work, the post captioned, “Fun Day at work with@porsha4real #PorshaWilliams #GoNaked @modanifurniture #RHOA.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 5.20.39 PM

Nene Leakes hinted that Bravo would be airing unreleased footage. Could this be the footage they air?

Now, you’re probably still wondering if Nene was justified in her actions or if Porsha. With her violent past with Kim Zolciak does she have any room to talk? We will just have to watch the reunion and see just how the whole thing plays out! In the meantime, we just tallied up all the friends that Nene has lost on the show and you’re gonna love our next post!

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