Kenya Moore may be a huge fan of Tootie, but It’s very clear that she is not loving Kim Fields on RHOA.


By now we kind of have an idea of where the show is going to go. We are well into the season with episode 6 and understand that Porsha & Shamea are living it up as young women. Leaving Phaedra Parks searching for her inner THOT. Kenya Moore has convinced herself that she is running the show and has teamed up with Cynthia to make her more relevant.



Kandi is minding her businesses and counting down till Baby Tucker is here. Sheree and Tammy are probably going to be facing off for a few more episodes as we learn more about the demise of Sheree’s marriage to Bob. That leaves Kim Fields as a damsel in distress looking to bring some fun in her life after giving up on FUN  once she started her family.


Well when Kim declared herself the “most famous” we knew there would be some trouble with Kenya. Kenya needs the spotlight on her and refuses to let anyone feel like they bring more to the table than her. (Such an Aquarius) Rumors of tension between the two had been circulating for weeks but we’re finally seeing it unfold.


From the looks of it, Kenya Moore is NOT here for Kim Fields at all. In a recent interview with Bravo she suggests that Kim is Boring and over emotional. Read below: What did you think of Kim calling out instigation vs. information?
Kenya Moore: I have a hard time remembering Kim is even on the show. Were you surprised seeing Kim break down during the trip?
KM: I’ve seen her cry in almost every scene, so no, it wasn’t surprising at all. What was going through your mind when Glen got angry at you for snapping at him?
KM: I don’t think his reaction was warranted at all. We were all having a great time drinking and dancing on the boat. I was being social with everyone on the trip. When Glen got angry over something so minor I thought, “Who reacts that way?” Maybe I should not have snapped my fingers, but it was clear that I wasn’t trying to insult him. I took it as a warning sign.


Kenya Moore vs Kim Fields


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