The real housewives of atlanta season 8 episode 1 was crazy! Here are some highlights from last night!


The Shades of It All

Kandi and Todd get exciting news during a visit with Dr. Jackie; Cynthia discovers a viral video of Peter in a compromising position; Cynthia throws an event to celebrate the launch of her eyewear line; Shereè’s return causes a stir.
Show: The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Season number: 8
Episode number: 1
Air date: November 8, 2015
Previous episode: Kandi’s Ski Trip: A Family Affair
Next episode: Episode 2
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Kandi and Todd want to have a child so they opted for IVF. They are hoping for a boy this time, but if they get another daughter, they would have to try again.


Phaedra said she’s still mad at Apollo although they still communicate as often as possible. Phaedra is still adjusting to her life as a single mom, with Apollo being gone for about a year already. She finds it difficult to balance her career and life with her sons. Phaedra told her mother she is going to file a divorce from Apollo, and her mother said she has the family’s support.

Meanwhile, Cynthia confronted Peter about his video that went viral, which showed he was touching a woman in a club. Peter denied he was on to the girl in the video and said it was not a big deal. They argued more on the details of the video. Even Cynthia’s sister Malorie thinks Peter is cheating on her.


On one hand, Porsha is dating a 24-year-old guy and she said she liked being a sugar mama and spoil her boy toy. She gifted him a shirt which she had him try in front of her. Porsha wanted him to meet her family.


In the real housewives of atlanta season 8 episode 1 Cynthia, while dealing with her issue with peter, launched her new eyewear line. In the party, Sheree arrived. She was rumored that she was unable to pay for her chateau that’s why its construction has been abandoned. Kenya introduced herself as her new neighbor. The girls asked about Sheree’s chateau, which Sheree said is not yet finish. She and Kenya had a nasty exchange about how Kenya would have to live in a tent because her mold-infested house will be flooded. Kenya said she can live in a tent but Sheree can’t go in her house because it is not finished.