All of the ladies of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta get lots of love, but it looks like Kandi Burruss has the most love from her fans. Wondering why?


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Most of the time our polls are always in favor of Kandi. On our Instagram page fans have so many positive things to say. But they’re not left in the dark. Most of the time Kandi shows love back! We believe that’s why people generally love some Kandi!


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Is Kandi Burruss the most social?

It’s no secret that Kandi loves social media. In some of her interviews she’s mentioned how much she enjoys interacting with her fans even tho she’s at risk of being shaded by a random hater or two.


In our opinion Kandi is the most social with over 2 million Instagram followers and a whopping 3.3 Million Facebook followers Kandi is easily the most social real housewife.

Posts like this is the reason that everybody loves them some Kandi. We hope the other housewives takes notes and get a little more personal with their fans.

If you’re team Kandi, tell us why you love her! Comment Below!